Le Petit Souffle

Le Petit Soufflé is a restaurant in Century City Mall that offers French/Japanese fusion comfort food. I’ve always been attracted to cafes with a laidback and garden theme.  Luckily, this is not just an “instagrammable restaurant”, their food is twice as good as the drool-worthy Instagram photos.

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Mati’s Meat and Bread | Mckinley Hill

Mckinley Hill store – Closed!


As I read on a famous blog, it is named after the owner’s son Mateo. Mati’s is the 2nd generation of Melo’s restaurant, another popular steakhouse chain in Manila. Their MCK branch opened last December, I’ve been eyeing this since then but didn’t have the courage to pay for the steak at that time (lol).

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RSM Lutong Bahay

Tagaytay is my “comfort zone”. I feel so relaxed whenever I am in Tagaytay. Well, who wouldn’t agree that it is one of the most laid back places in the Philippines with its great view, cool weather plus it’s just a few hours away from Manila. 

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Early Bird Breakfast Club

They say, “Early bird catches the worm”, the problem is, i am not an early bird but I do love breakfast food..hash brown, longganisa, fried rice and hot chocolate.. All my friends know that you must be really special if I entertain you in the morning. I will wake up early if really needed. My friend Krizia was so eager to try this breakfast place so we’ve planned to visit it last weekend. Well, why would i disagree, i can have my breakfast at 6pm. EARLY BIRD Breakfast Club is just around Fort Strip, an all-day breakfast restaurant with the simple vision of uplifting us all day with their tasty food.

They have nice walls, couches and table for two’s. Their sunny-side-up egg on a half shell tells me that they truly are serving best breakfast meals. They have second floor which is ideal for meetings or functions.

Just one sip and I’m falling for this Nutella Hot Chocolate. Yes Nutella! I can have 4 to 6 cups of this hottie all day 😀

Nutella Hot Chocolate (P 145)

I ordered one of their bestseller, four pieces of heirloom-recipe longganisa, garlic rice and your choice of egg, I had sunny side up of course 😀 Their longganisa is sweet, stuffed with pure meat and can really make my belly full.

Viva Longganisa (P 345)

Krizia ordered Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich, cheddar, mozzarella and gruyere between slices of toasted bread served with sweet and spicy onion relish but i hope the bread has additional aroma and taste, add some spices maybe.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P 345)

Our kind server suggested Full English Breakfast, he said that it is one of their best seller but it’s a bit pricey (400-ish) if you’re eating it alone. Eggs, toasted bread, bacon and sausage, meal is good for sharing though.

Choco Banana Berry French Toast (P 295)

What a good way to end the day with a sweet breakfast, we had choco banana berry french toast. Another nutella masterpiece, caramelized french toast with fresh bananas & blueberry jam.

P500 to P700 per head will do, enough to taste your favorite breakfast meals with a heavenly twist and taste, a bit pricey (i know) but it’s worth it.

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Unit C, Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg.,

The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Phone: +632 470-8847

Visit: www.earlybirdbreakfastclub.com ; FB: Early Bird Breakfast Club

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 7.00am to 10.00pm

Friday and Saturday: Open 24 Hours

MU Noodle Bar

I created this blog to share my cravings and to serve as my food diary. Good taste and affordability is the golden rule but when I am looking for a restaurant to visit, a nice ambiance adds up to the criteria. Creating ambiance is not just creating a look, it goes far beyond that. Depending on the line of food/service you’re offering, a good ambiance will attract customers for sure.

MU Noodle Bar’s Interiors: Wooden chairs and couches are in darker tones of charcoal and deep browns. You can choose between high chairs or the comfy couches. Warm lights above the tables gives the place a “not so boring” and kinda date place, plus lighting keeps the photos attractive in cameras.

Hot Tea (P 40)

Tea time! Look at these cutesy Moo’s.

Beef fried rice + lamb curry = perfect combination. The rice and curry is good for 2 persons. I think for heavy eaters, one serving will not be enough because their servings look a bit tricky but for sure, they can make your tummy full. The lamb meat is soft, cut into chunks and the curry is infused with spices which makes it richer and tastier. Drizzle your rice with curry sauce, oooh heaven!

Beef Fried Rice (P 200)

Red Lamb Curry (P 260)

Another breakthrough is the Oyster cake. Oyster cake is made of oysters, bean sprouts and green onions, mixed with tapioca starch and then fried with eggs.

Mu Oyster Cake (P 200)

For dessert, you can order Cua Pao custard, 4 pieces of golden brown cua pao buns filled with sweet and creamy condensed milk. It was an interesting dessert to try. It is golden brown in color filled with salted egg custard and malted chocolate stuffed inside a fried bun.

Cua Pao Custard (P 120)

Must try: Dong Bo Buns, Cua Pao Custard, Red Lamb Curry, 3 Cup Chicken and Seafood Chao Mien

Mu Noodle Bar, 2/F Glorietta 2, Hotel Drive,Ayala Center, Makati , (02) 556-8739

Facebook page: Mu Noodle Bar

Check their menu here!

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L.E.S Bagels

Aside from the rising condominiums and multinational companies, one sure thing that is booming is the competition for the best food chain at Mckinley Hill, Taguig. At least, it give us a lot of restaurants/diners to choose from, right? Call center agents, students from International schools and business professionals line up to buy in their favorite stress reliever: food!!!

My friend and I are searching for a pictorial spot for our fashion blog posts at Tuscany when we passed by a New York-ish store and spotted bagels and delish pastries.
A handsome guy in the store, maybe the owner or the Chef adds up to my curiosity to try the bagels (haha).

I used to have bagel and iced tea for snack at Country Style. I liked their bagel even if it is just plain bread but i love L.E.S Bagels for their creativity in mixing flavors with their cream cheese, it is different, in a good way 🙂

L.E.S (Lower East Side) Bagels opens up last August, we’ve been eyeing that store even before but thought that the food were expensive because of how the store looks like. When I’ve tried it, i was not disappointed especially with the generous amount of cream cheese in my bagel. Though i am not sure if i would be happy with a cold bagel. I know when we eat breads, specifically pandesal, we like it hot.

Garlic Bagel with Jalapeno Cheddar (P160)

How do you like your bagel, hot or cold?

L.E.S. Bagels have around 10 various sweet & savory
bagels which costs Php 40 each. You will probably love the garlic, cinnamon-raisin and the sesame seed bagel. If you’re adventurous enough, try these: Pumpernickel, Black Russian and Nigella Seed.

You also have more than a dozen types of cream cheese to choose from, their bestsellers are the bacon & cheddar, jalapeno cheddar and the sundried tomato, and hey, you can purchase by the tub, too.

Aside from bagels, you can also make your own sandwich. Sandwiches range from P200 – P400 and good for sharing.

Pastries like brownies and homemade oreos on display seduces the customers for sure. They also sell Hot English mustard which they recommend to try with knish, a type of bread stuffed with potato, meat, or cheese (nom nom).

We, employees at McKinley Hill are facing a lot of food temptations BUT we are still looking for food that can satisfy our cravings as well as our pocket needs. Will L.E.S Bagels survive at Mckinley Hill? Hopefully yes, let’s eat, wait and see.

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L.E.S. Bagels

Tuscany Residences Upper McKinley Hill, Taguig

Tel. Nos. 804-0423 / 0915-258-5685

Current operating hours: Mon-Sat 7am-10pm

Trattoria Poggio Antico

With a lot of restaurants to visit in Tuscany at Mckinley Hill, you can choose to have wine & cheese, cupcakes, burrito, ramen & sushi, pad thai and of course Filipino delicacies. You just have to know what you want to eat and what dining experience you want to feel.


While we’re choosing for a restaurant to chill out on a Friday, me and my friends walked up the hill and noticed that almost all the restaurants are full and way crazy. Out of curiosity, we walked in the last restaurant and check out the menu. I thought it was a super expensive restaurant because of the fine furnitures, winery and chandeliers that they have, i was wrong.



We decided to eat outside so we can feel the Friday vibe as well as get some fresh air. While waiting for our food, a pretty server brought us some bread/breadsticks with my favorite pesto dip (i’m so crazy with pesto). Not all restaurants give complimentary food so whenever i encounter such, i put them on top of my lists.



Feast your eyes on the pasta and pizza choices. Almost all of their food are good for sharing (2 to 3 persons) plus for the pizza, you can have 2 choices like what we did. We requested that the 1st half is seafood pizza, their bestseller, the other half is four cheese pizza.  


Pizza de Marre (whole: P485) & Quattro Formaggi (whole: P550)

We tried the pasta with prosciutto & button mushroom lying on a bed of truffle sauce..


Tagliatelle con Proscuitto e Tartufo (P420)


We had mojito (P260) and beer (P80 – 150) They’re also serving wines, their cheapest is P550 and P5000 for the expensive ones. We’re happy that we only spend less than 1500.

What i’d love the most is that the owner is very accommodating and he even offered us a bottle of wine.

Friends and lovers with the owner of the restaurant. 😛


Will definitely visit the restaurant again, but next time, i’ll try to sit in the couple’s lane 😀 Best for couples or for people who wants a private dining experience.

Starving like you,

The Classy Poor

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trattoria-Poggio-Antico

Menu here!