Mitsuyado Sei-men | McKinley Hill

This is the 3rd and newest branch of Mitsuyado Sei-men, they have one in Bluebay Walk, Macapagal Ave and the other branch is located in Jupiter St. Belair, Makati City. This restaurant was brought to Manila by the UCC group and started the “dipping noodle” innovation back in 2012.

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Mati’s Meat and Bread | Mckinley Hill

Mckinley Hill store – Closed!


As I read on a famous blog, it is named after the owner’s son Mateo. Mati’s is the 2nd generation of Melo’s restaurant, another popular steakhouse chain in Manila. Their MCK branch opened last December, I’ve been eyeing this since then but didn’t have the courage to pay for the steak at that time (lol).

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Plains and Prints

It’s the start of the week and thought that it might be the perfect time to do some photoshoot. My friend/photographer/stylist and blogging bud Apple walked few miles (just kidding) just to show off our clothes LOL.


I bet you love my cat eye sunglasses from The WearhousePh, I love this sunglasses, it compliments my rounded face.

Red bag with gold studs from Freedom Shop. Red and gold look hot, aren’t they?
Top (Black Sheep by Maldita); Skirt (Pink Manila)

I love Black Sheep tops, very light and comfy. This black lace skirt from Pink Manila is so sexy. Do you agree? *wink

Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down is the password to open my time capsule. Listen to their songs.. and boom I am transported to the past, memories are slowly flashing back. UDD songs are my ultimate “emo” soundtracks, with Tadhana or Oo, I am instantly ready for my own music video.

Whether you have a bad experience or been in a romantic love affair, you feel that their songs are personally written for you. It’s like they have been there before and have felt your pain. You will also remember how wonderful any phase of love feels and get a little romantic with every line in the songs. That’s how awesome UDD songs are!!!

For my foreign readers, Up Dharma Down is an award-winning rock band here in the Philippines and one of few great bands that has been featured in Time magazine. Talent and wit combined, four musicians (Armi Millare as the vocalist & on keyboards, Carlos Tanada on lead guitar, Ean Mayor on drums and Paul Yap on bass) make unforgettable music history together.

So before I get so emotional, let me share my top 3 UDD songs and my favourite lines:

Watch here:

UDD at Venice Piazza

You can check how they invaded Venice Piazza once again:

May you all have an inspiring day, ciao!

L.E.S Bagels

Aside from the rising condominiums and multinational companies, one sure thing that is booming is the competition for the best food chain at Mckinley Hill, Taguig. At least, it give us a lot of restaurants/diners to choose from, right? Call center agents, students from International schools and business professionals line up to buy in their favorite stress reliever: food!!!

My friend and I are searching for a pictorial spot for our fashion blog posts at Tuscany when we passed by a New York-ish store and spotted bagels and delish pastries.
A handsome guy in the store, maybe the owner or the Chef adds up to my curiosity to try the bagels (haha).

I used to have bagel and iced tea for snack at Country Style. I liked their bagel even if it is just plain bread but i love L.E.S Bagels for their creativity in mixing flavors with their cream cheese, it is different, in a good way 🙂

L.E.S (Lower East Side) Bagels opens up last August, we’ve been eyeing that store even before but thought that the food were expensive because of how the store looks like. When I’ve tried it, i was not disappointed especially with the generous amount of cream cheese in my bagel. Though i am not sure if i would be happy with a cold bagel. I know when we eat breads, specifically pandesal, we like it hot.

Garlic Bagel with Jalapeno Cheddar (P160)

How do you like your bagel, hot or cold?

L.E.S. Bagels have around 10 various sweet & savory
bagels which costs Php 40 each. You will probably love the garlic, cinnamon-raisin and the sesame seed bagel. If you’re adventurous enough, try these: Pumpernickel, Black Russian and Nigella Seed.

You also have more than a dozen types of cream cheese to choose from, their bestsellers are the bacon & cheddar, jalapeno cheddar and the sundried tomato, and hey, you can purchase by the tub, too.

Aside from bagels, you can also make your own sandwich. Sandwiches range from P200 – P400 and good for sharing.

Pastries like brownies and homemade oreos on display seduces the customers for sure. They also sell Hot English mustard which they recommend to try with knish, a type of bread stuffed with potato, meat, or cheese (nom nom).

We, employees at McKinley Hill are facing a lot of food temptations BUT we are still looking for food that can satisfy our cravings as well as our pocket needs. Will L.E.S Bagels survive at Mckinley Hill? Hopefully yes, let’s eat, wait and see.

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L.E.S. Bagels

Tuscany Residences Upper McKinley Hill, Taguig

Tel. Nos. 804-0423 / 0915-258-5685

Current operating hours: Mon-Sat 7am-10pm

Burritos & Tacos | Mexican Kitchen


Tuscany is one of the rising real estate properties of Megaworld. With all the high rise condominiums and villas, there are also a lot of establishments and restaurants that are coming their way to Mckinley Hill, the next “Makati”.


Burritos & Tacos | Mexican Kitchen’s walls are designed with chili, mexican hats and with colorful chandeliers.


There’s an easy step by step guide in finding the right meal for you.

1. Choose your meat.
– lamb, ox, pork, chicken, fish & shrimp. I recommend the lamb meat but they also have choices for vegetarians.

2. Choose your meal.
You can have it in taco shells, burrito(frito or naked), chimichanga (deep-fried tortilla),taquitos, quesadilla and many more. A lot of choices to enjoy your mexican food.

You may request to have 2 meat filling or even up to 3 fillings so that you can have a taste of the different flavors.


Check out B&T’s other dishes, plus their drinks & dessert.



I tried the Chimichanga with Chili con Carne. They also have fried green chili poppers which i’d love to try next time, actually i’ll probably try all. I love everything chili, sweet & spicy is my thing.



B&T’s bright and fun interior makes it enticing to dine in. I find my B&T experience good, service was quick & very efficient. The food is proportioned when it comes to taste yet serving is big enough and is good for sharing. Also who can argue with their affordable price?

Visit them at:
Tuscany, Mckinley Hill, Taguig (Few walks away from Venice, Piazza)

The Classy Poor

Trattoria Poggio Antico

With a lot of restaurants to visit in Tuscany at Mckinley Hill, you can choose to have wine & cheese, cupcakes, burrito, ramen & sushi, pad thai and of course Filipino delicacies. You just have to know what you want to eat and what dining experience you want to feel.


While we’re choosing for a restaurant to chill out on a Friday, me and my friends walked up the hill and noticed that almost all the restaurants are full and way crazy. Out of curiosity, we walked in the last restaurant and check out the menu. I thought it was a super expensive restaurant because of the fine furnitures, winery and chandeliers that they have, i was wrong.



We decided to eat outside so we can feel the Friday vibe as well as get some fresh air. While waiting for our food, a pretty server brought us some bread/breadsticks with my favorite pesto dip (i’m so crazy with pesto). Not all restaurants give complimentary food so whenever i encounter such, i put them on top of my lists.



Feast your eyes on the pasta and pizza choices. Almost all of their food are good for sharing (2 to 3 persons) plus for the pizza, you can have 2 choices like what we did. We requested that the 1st half is seafood pizza, their bestseller, the other half is four cheese pizza.  


Pizza de Marre (whole: P485) & Quattro Formaggi (whole: P550)

We tried the pasta with prosciutto & button mushroom lying on a bed of truffle sauce..


Tagliatelle con Proscuitto e Tartufo (P420)


We had mojito (P260) and beer (P80 – 150) They’re also serving wines, their cheapest is P550 and P5000 for the expensive ones. We’re happy that we only spend less than 1500.

What i’d love the most is that the owner is very accommodating and he even offered us a bottle of wine.

Friends and lovers with the owner of the restaurant. 😛


Will definitely visit the restaurant again, but next time, i’ll try to sit in the couple’s lane 😀 Best for couples or for people who wants a private dining experience.

Starving like you,

The Classy Poor

Facebook page:

Menu here!