Bataan Day Tour

Our first visit to Bataan was just a day trip, we were supposed to go to Stilts Resort in Batangas but since they were fully booked for April, we opted to go to Bataan instead. Top choices for Bataan resort are Playa La Caleta, Camaya Coast, Westwind Beach Resort and Vista Tala Resort. Playa La Caleta  & Westwind Beach Resort were all fully booked for April so we booked at Vista Tala instead. Maybe you’re wondering why Las Casas wasn’t an option. I have seen a lot of bloggers/travelers that have already been to Las Casas so I decided to go somewhere where there were few people so we can fully utilize the amenities.

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La Vie Parisienne

First trip with friends for 2017 – Cebu. This trip was booked last year. Our dear friend Krizia, booked us on different flights based on the availability of seats. So the 1st trip was at 5.55pm, next is at 9:45 then 11:45 pm. We tried our chances at the 9:45 pm flight so we arrived earlier in Cebu, enough time to meet with our friend.

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Catch the Golden Sunset at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa

Canyon Cove is located in Nasugbu, 3 hours away from Manila if traveling via a private car and usually 3 to 4 hours if you are traveling by public transportation. Nasugbu is home to a lot of both hostels, expensive hotels as well as awesome beach front accommodations. Check map here:

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Fallen Stars

Who said that I can’t reach and hold a star?

My officemate Arjay, a travel blogger, he invited me & another officemate to join his Zambales trip. He said that we are going to stay in a tent for a night since there are no hotels in Magalawa island. I got so excited since I haven’t slept in a tent since high school but honestly, I expected worst especially with the toilets and all. This is the first trip that I won’t be staying in a hotel.

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MU Noodle Bar

I created this blog to share my cravings and to serve as my food diary. Good taste and affordability is the golden rule but when I am looking for a restaurant to visit, a nice ambiance adds up to the criteria. Creating ambiance is not just creating a look, it goes far beyond that. Depending on the line of food/service you’re offering, a good ambiance will attract customers for sure.

MU Noodle Bar’s Interiors: Wooden chairs and couches are in darker tones of charcoal and deep browns. You can choose between high chairs or the comfy couches. Warm lights above the tables gives the place a “not so boring” and kinda date place, plus lighting keeps the photos attractive in cameras.

Hot Tea (P 40)

Tea time! Look at these cutesy Moo’s.

Beef fried rice + lamb curry = perfect combination. The rice and curry is good for 2 persons. I think for heavy eaters, one serving will not be enough because their servings look a bit tricky but for sure, they can make your tummy full. The lamb meat is soft, cut into chunks and the curry is infused with spices which makes it richer and tastier. Drizzle your rice with curry sauce, oooh heaven!

Beef Fried Rice (P 200)

Red Lamb Curry (P 260)

Another breakthrough is the Oyster cake. Oyster cake is made of oysters, bean sprouts and green onions, mixed with tapioca starch and then fried with eggs.

Mu Oyster Cake (P 200)

For dessert, you can order Cua Pao custard, 4 pieces of golden brown cua pao buns filled with sweet and creamy condensed milk. It was an interesting dessert to try. It is golden brown in color filled with salted egg custard and malted chocolate stuffed inside a fried bun.

Cua Pao Custard (P 120)

Must try: Dong Bo Buns, Cua Pao Custard, Red Lamb Curry, 3 Cup Chicken and Seafood Chao Mien

Mu Noodle Bar, 2/F Glorietta 2, Hotel Drive,Ayala Center, Makati , (02) 556-8739

Facebook page: Mu Noodle Bar

Check their menu here!

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Back on Track

“I thought following a straight road would lead me right to my destination. Like the road would just take me there because I was following all the rules. And if the road curved, I couldn’t be sure about where I was going. But look where it got me. Maybe it’s time for a detour.”
― Susane Colasanti, Take Me There

When it rains, it pours, but i guess mine’s acid rain. I once hit the wall and lose all the confidence with a blink of an eye. Have been distracted for few weeks but now…I am back on track.

I’m back bitches! Time to read and blog again.

When i go out, i always wear skirt or shorts, not because I want to show off my legs but i want to enjoy it while I’m still young. I love to pair shorts and skirt with a t-shirt. No one can go wrong with a white, clean shirt. It gives me the feeling that “ Hey it’s weekend and you don’t need to wear tight and business-like top”

I’m so happy i got to borrow this book from my friend Ann, she calls me her “Liz Uy” because I helped her once or twice in deciding her outfits for some special days. This book is a must have for every girl. Glad that Liz Uy came up with this one and put all the important things a girl must know from white shirt to your little black dress.

STYLIZED: Liz Uy’S Ten Style Essentials

This book features everything that every girl must have in her closet. It costs 395 and available in all the bookstores nationwide. The 10 style essentials was modeled by her friends/celebrity clients like Anne Curtis (White Shirt), Marian Rivera (Blazer), Georgina Wilson (White Button-Down Shirt), Toni Gonzaga (Shorts), Julia Barretto (Jeans), Sarah Geronimo (Leggings), Isabelle Daza (Tank Top), Bianca Gonzales (Slacks), Bea Alonzo (Little Black Dress) and of course, Kris Aquino (Pencil Skirt).

So this is me, wearing the 1st fashion essential: White shirt. I pull it off by wearing blue shorts, chucks and necklace scarf. I love blue because it creates the illusion that i have lighter skin 😀

My bestest friends: Apple and Krizia.

Buy your own Liz Uy book now and let’s create new styles using the basics.

Till next time, ladies! *wink

10 Things to do when Raining

June means there are a lot of ringing bells and dripping clothes. Rainy season is here, forcing us to spend a lot more time inside and make weekends on the beach a long memory.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep you busy:

1. Play console games

Do this only when it is gloomy outside. Invite your friends or your siblings to stay at home & play racing or fighting games. I personally recommend my favorites, Need for Speed and Tekken. These are classic games and hell yeah, they will surely stuff you out of boredom. 


P.S.  For NFS gamers/fans,watch NFS movie “behind the scenes" here

2. Play Hide and Seek

Usually, when the rain is pouring hard, expect a power interruption after, then it’s a perfect time to play hide and seek. Just be careful not to trip over your mother’s precious jars around the house.


3. Play In The Rain

When I was a kid, I had to convinced my mom to let me play in the rain with my cousins for few hours. Remember not to soak under the rain for more than two hours especially when the rain is strong or you get some colds.


4. Watch Movies

Maybe you have a hard drive full of movies or you know someone that can provide you with(ahem.. me?) This will come handy when you are stuck inside on a rainy weekend noon. And of course, rainy days are perfect to watch some scary movies. A very cold, silent, and gloomy environment perfectly adds to the elements of a scary movie that you will be watching. I suggests . Plus i can share my Dropbox account if you want movies, just send me message. 


5. Take that beauty sleep 

Shower and put on some perfumed lotion, wear your favorite pajamas and drink hot milk so your sleeping habit will not be interrupted unless you have some really important things to do.


6. Time to do some Nail art

Get that Bobbie or China glaze nail polish or whatever brand it is, clean pusher/stick, mini plastic cup and an imaginative mind. Paint your nails with black or any dark color. Then mix 2 nail polish in a plastic cup and use the pusher or stick to design your nails. If you want aztec or animal print designs, check my Pinterest pins here.


7. Socialize

Even if it’s raining outside, you can still keep up with your high school classmates, college friends and families. Log on to your Facebook, Twitter, download and install LINE or Wechat on your smartphone. You’ll be surprised that after rainy days, you have a bigger circle of friends.


8. Pig out 

Go to the nearest supermarket or sari-sari store to buy lots of food and have food trip with your family or friends, rainy season is among the best time for friends or family bonding. It is also the best time to show off your cooking skills. 


9. Do Your Homework and Study

Now there would be few reasons for you to go out since it is raining. Take advantage of this time to do your homework, projects or even your strategy paper because your friends will not even dare to go out during this time of year.


10. Household Chores 

Instead of waiting for the rain to stop, why don’t you clean your room, tidy up your drawers, sweep the floor, wash dirty clothes and wash the dishes? By the time you finished all the chores you will be ready to hang out with your friends, and never again to worry about those unfinished tasks that you just left at home. 


        See, there are a lot that you can do during rainy season, what’s important is you make yourself productive and you take advantage of the rain days to have some fun. I believe you have something in your mind now, can you share it with me? 🙂

Magalawa Tips and How to’s


Thanks Mother Earth for the breathtaking view. 


If you’re staying overnight in a tent, consider the weather and make sure the tent is located under the trees to protect you & your things in case it rains. And oh, make sure you contact Mang Mulo to reserve tent if you don’t want to bring your own. Tent rental is P300 or 100/pax.

If you bring tents, you still need to pay P200 for the reservation of the place of your tent. 


We didn’t try snorkeling 😦 We don’t have snorkeling gears. They charge P150/head for the gears plus balsa.



If you opt to stay in kubo overnight, you’ll pay P1200, i think 4 to 5 pax will fit in.


What to do in the island?

1.Snorkeling (bring your own gears)

2.Swim as long as you want

3.Photoshoot for bloggers and vain people like me 😀

4.Sleep in the small kubo and relax

5. Play volleyball or frisbee

6. Stroll around the island

7. Dive for starfish

8. Interview Mang Mulo or the people living in Magalawa

9. Catch salagubang

10.Bonfire at night, melt some marshmallows & drink (Tip: Bring your own “drinks”, there’s only one sari-sari store on the island and they sell Empe light)



There’s no electricity during the day so we waited for 6pm to charge our mobile phones. You’ll pay P10 per charge.  

image                     Hmmm can you spot Stitch in the picture? 

Also, may i remind you that they only have common bathrooms. Water is coming from the water pump and a “Kuya” will put a hose to fill up water. What i did was, i used the hose as my shower so I don’t have to use the water in the drums. Brilliant idea, right? 🙂


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