La Vie Parisienne

First trip with friends for 2017 – Cebu. This trip was booked last year. Our dear friend Krizia, booked us on different flights based on the availability of seats. So the 1st trip was at 5.55pm, the next is at 9:45 then at 11:45 pm. We tried our chances at the 9:45 pm flight so we arrived earlier in Cebu, enough time to meet with our friend.



Straight from Mactan Airport, we hailed a cab to go to this restaurant in Lahug City. It’s a 45 min ride from the airport, there is no traffic because it is almost midnight, and our cab costs P200. Honestly, I’ve never heard of this place, it was just suggested by our friend, and didn’t expect it to be amazing.


Our visit to La Vie Parisienne was quick & unplanned since we came straight from the airport. We agreed to meet Arjay,  our friend who is a travel blogger, he used to work at Thomson Reuters, resigned, and moved to Cebu. If you are outside La Vie, it just looks like a normal place but inside, the lights and the place itself emit a chilling vibe.

I can’t stop myself from taking pictures because the night view is very scenic. We chose to stay upstairs to capture a better view of the place. We had wine, beer, cheese, and some pastries. Wine is cheap at P 380 so we ordered 2 and bought another one to go to Bantayan Island for another friend’s birthday.




La Vie Parisienne means Parisian Life in English. This place has a bakery and a wine cellar. Inside the wine cellar, there’s a table with high chairs, maybe only a group of 4 to 6 people can fit in. Luckily that night, almost all of the customers are busy outside so we had the wine cellar to ourselves to take selfies and ootds.



Our photographer, Joex deserves a spot in this blog.



Here’s the map going to La Vie from Mactan-Cebu International Airport. My favorite thing about traveling aside from exploring new Instagrammable places and finding exotic food is you also got to discover more characteristics of your travel buddies, you tend to know more of their skills and hidden talents that make your friendship stronger and last longer.

Cheers, for more years of backstabbing and gossiping friendship!! (just kidding) 

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