1. You don’t consider me a priority. I spent a long time asking myself why you never texted first, why you took so long to answer, why you went missing in action every few weeks. The answer was staring me directly in my face the entire time. You did not care about me as much as I cared about you. I just didn’t want to admit it. I wanted to believe you gave a damn. I wanted to assume we were on the same page.

2. If you had any intention of dating me, you would have put at least a little effort into our conversations.

I should have taken your texting patterns as a warning sign — but it seemed childish to whine about a text. I told myself there were more important things to worry about than whether you sent a good morning message. Of course, I now realize, if you cannot be bothered to send a text, you probably aren’t going to bother to plan dates or buy me flowers or remember my birthday. You probably aren’t going to put any effort into real life either.

3. You never missed me.

I made excuses for you. I told myself you were too shy to send the first text. I told myself you were swamped with work. I told myself you were damaged from a previous relationship. I shielded myself from the truth because it was hard to swallow: You never missed me. You never wondered what I was doing. You never cared.

  1. Your attention doesn’t mean as much when I am begging for it.

I thought it was a big deal whenever you actually took the time to reply to my messages — but that is setting the bar extremely low. I expected the minimum from you and you still failed to reach my expectations. If you liked me, if you wanted me too, then you would have made an effort to keep in contact with me. I wouldn’t have had to send double texts or snap an attractive selfie in order to get you to pay attention to me.

5. One-sided relationships are not worth the effort.

Chasing you was exhausting. It took me time (and courage) to come up with cute messages to send you — and half the time, you would ignore me or let the conversation fade away. I put constant effort into getting closer to you and you didn’t appreciate any of it.

  1. Relationships are supposed to be equal, even in the beginning.

I never should have fallen into a pattern of texting you first every single time. I should have given you space. I should have thought more of myself. I should have realized that, if you cannot take the time to send a simple text, you do not deserve a space in my phone.

  1. It hurts to love you — and love should not hurt.

Love should not make me feel inadequate. Love should not leave me restless. Love should leave me breathless. It should make me feel valued. You only brought me self-doubt. You made me question myself. I am not supposed to be with someone like you, someone who causes me heartache. I am supposed to be with someone who appreciates me. Someone who misses me. Someone who does not think twice before sending the first text.

via 7 Lessons I Learned From Texting You First Every Single Time — Thought Catalog

Love & friendship ain’t different


It’s bullshit to think of friendship and love as being different. They’re not.They’re just variations of the same love, variations of the same desire to be close.And like any love, it’s difficult, awesome, treacherous, exhilarating, confusing and precious.

..always be more than one


It’s a total lie to say there’s only one special person you’re gonna be with for the rest of your life. If you’re lucky and if you try really hard, there will always be more than one.


Yeah, It Still Hurts!

It only takes a few seconds to hurt the people you love and it can take years to heal. If only the word “sorry” can heal the pain. If only it can erase all the bad memories. If only it can undo everything.

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Cafe Lupe | Antipolo

Café Lupe Restaurant was established in 2003 by Mr. Alvin M. Carranza. The first Café Lupe Restaurant was located along Guadalupe Bridge and within Guadalupe Seminary because the owner is a devotee of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Their menu is a Filipino-Mexican fusion, from tacos, paella, quesadillas to kare-kare.

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La Vie Parisienne

First trip with friends for 2017 – Cebu. This trip was booked last year. Our dear friend Krizia, booked us on different flights based on the availability of seats. So the 1st trip was at 5.55pm, next is at 9:45 then 11:45 pm. We tried our chances at the 9:45 pm flight so we arrived earlier in Cebu, enough time to meet with our friend.

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I Thought You Were The One

“For a moment there, I thought he was the one. I thought he was going to be my knight in shining armor but I was wrong. My false beliefs led me to false hopes and momentarily happiness. We weren’t official, yes. But that title was nothing for me, I didn’t care what label we had because he made me feel assured to the point that he would call me in the middle of the night, drunk and telling me that he loves me while I, was stupid to believe him. Continue reading “I Thought You Were The One”

What would you correct from your past to save the future?

“At times it may seem as though you and your past are one. Sometimes we fail to differentiate between what has happened to us and who we are today. If you have a hard time getting beyond that damaging mind-set let me encourage you right now. You are not your past Although you are changed and shaped by past experiences who you were yesterday does not control the person you have the potential to become tomorrow.”
― Sue Augustine, When Your Past Is Hurting Your Present

Past is past, you cannot change it! All you can do is look forward to the future. That’s what they always say BUT how can you look forward when every time you decide for your future, you will always be haunted by memories especially when you are alone and vulnerable? Well, i think that’s the consequences of the spicy, sweet mistakes you’ve done before.

If given a chance to fix half of it, I will always remind myself these things:

1. Consult GOD for everything

2. Listen to your parents

2. Love yourself first

3. Learn how to say NO and;

4. Don’t talk to strangers

By sticking to these rules, I guess, my future is saved!

Early Bird Breakfast Club

They say, “Early bird catches the worm”, the problem is, i am not an early bird but I do love breakfast food..hash brown, longganisa, fried rice and hot chocolate.. All my friends know that you must be really special if I entertain you in the morning. I will wake up early if really needed. My friend Krizia was so eager to try this breakfast place so we’ve planned to visit it last weekend. Well, why would i disagree, i can have my breakfast at 6pm. EARLY BIRD Breakfast Club is just around Fort Strip, an all-day breakfast restaurant with the simple vision of uplifting us all day with their tasty food.

They have nice walls, couches and table for two’s. Their sunny-side-up egg on a half shell tells me that they truly are serving best breakfast meals. They have second floor which is ideal for meetings or functions.

Just one sip and I’m falling for this Nutella Hot Chocolate. Yes Nutella! I can have 4 to 6 cups of this hottie all day 😀

Nutella Hot Chocolate (P 145)

I ordered one of their bestseller, four pieces of heirloom-recipe longganisa, garlic rice and your choice of egg, I had sunny side up of course 😀 Their longganisa is sweet, stuffed with pure meat and can really make my belly full.

Viva Longganisa (P 345)

Krizia ordered Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich, cheddar, mozzarella and gruyere between slices of toasted bread served with sweet and spicy onion relish but i hope the bread has additional aroma and taste, add some spices maybe.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P 345)

Our kind server suggested Full English Breakfast, he said that it is one of their best seller but it’s a bit pricey (400-ish) if you’re eating it alone. Eggs, toasted bread, bacon and sausage, meal is good for sharing though.

Choco Banana Berry French Toast (P 295)

What a good way to end the day with a sweet breakfast, we had choco banana berry french toast. Another nutella masterpiece, caramelized french toast with fresh bananas & blueberry jam.

P500 to P700 per head will do, enough to taste your favorite breakfast meals with a heavenly twist and taste, a bit pricey (i know) but it’s worth it.

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Unit C, Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg.,

The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Phone: +632 470-8847

Visit: www.earlybirdbreakfastclub.com ; FB: Early Bird Breakfast Club

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 7.00am to 10.00pm

Friday and Saturday: Open 24 Hours

MU Noodle Bar

I created this blog to share my cravings and to serve as my food diary. Good taste and affordability is the golden rule but when I am looking for a restaurant to visit, a nice ambiance adds up to the criteria. Creating ambiance is not just creating a look, it goes far beyond that. Depending on the line of food/service you’re offering, a good ambiance will attract customers for sure.

MU Noodle Bar’s Interiors: Wooden chairs and couches are in darker tones of charcoal and deep browns. You can choose between high chairs or the comfy couches. Warm lights above the tables gives the place a “not so boring” and kinda date place, plus lighting keeps the photos attractive in cameras.

Hot Tea (P 40)

Tea time! Look at these cutesy Moo’s.

Beef fried rice + lamb curry = perfect combination. The rice and curry is good for 2 persons. I think for heavy eaters, one serving will not be enough because their servings look a bit tricky but for sure, they can make your tummy full. The lamb meat is soft, cut into chunks and the curry is infused with spices which makes it richer and tastier. Drizzle your rice with curry sauce, oooh heaven!

Beef Fried Rice (P 200)

Red Lamb Curry (P 260)

Another breakthrough is the Oyster cake. Oyster cake is made of oysters, bean sprouts and green onions, mixed with tapioca starch and then fried with eggs.

Mu Oyster Cake (P 200)

For dessert, you can order Cua Pao custard, 4 pieces of golden brown cua pao buns filled with sweet and creamy condensed milk. It was an interesting dessert to try. It is golden brown in color filled with salted egg custard and malted chocolate stuffed inside a fried bun.

Cua Pao Custard (P 120)

Must try: Dong Bo Buns, Cua Pao Custard, Red Lamb Curry, 3 Cup Chicken and Seafood Chao Mien

Mu Noodle Bar, 2/F Glorietta 2, Hotel Drive,Ayala Center, Makati , (02) 556-8739

Facebook page: Mu Noodle Bar

Check their menu here!

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