My ‘Gr8life’ Journey

Curiosity led me to this line of business. At first, I was afraid to invest, fearing that I won’t have enough time to take care of it since I have a full-time job. After a month of weighing the pros and cons, I finally bought the Gr8life diamond bundle and the rest is history. Today, I celebrate 2 years as a Gr8life Wellness Advocate.

Some of the biggest highlights of my Gr8life journey (so far) are as follows:

  • I was part of the Top 50 Sellers for the month of February 2022 and claimed my 1st reward
  • I got the chance to bond with my cousin/coach at a yacht party in Subic, one of the many travel incentives of Gr8life
  • I was able to attend and enjoy the mid-year Sales Booster event with my cousins

If you’re asking me how I am able to do it despite maintaining my day job as a Sales Operations Advisor for an international IT company, my answer is simple: I take advantage of the power of social media to boost my online store. If you want to check out the products that I have available, please feel free to check my store out, here’s the link.

Take note that you can buy from wherever you may be since we can ship globally. Gr8life has offices in Taiwan and Dubai and has a wide network of Wellness Advocates all over the world. We are now able to accommodate any payment channel of your choice. You can pay via Gcash, PayMaya, as well as debit, and credit cards. Your orders will be conveniently delivered to you via Iparcel, GoGo Express, or Lalamove.

If you have questions or inquiries regarding the products and how to be a Wellness Advocate, please send us a message via Facebook, Instagram, or email.


8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pad

What is it and why you should switch to it?

The World Health Organization has stressed the need to recognize the importance of menstrual health in its statement during the 50th session of the Human Rights Council. The WHO has especially highlighted that menstrual health is not a hygiene issue but should be seen as a health and human right issue. Meanwhile, the World Bank has stated that “access to affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products” such as sanitary napkins “is key to improving menstrual health and hygiene”.

In the Philippines, there are many different brands of sanitary napkins to choose from. With a plethora of brands and variants to choose from, innovation should be considered as a factor in choosing the right product for you.

Innovation plays a vital role in improving our lives. Some day-to-day items that we believe do their purpose can still be taken to the next level, being more effective in what they are intended to do. One such sanitary pad that embraced innovation is 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads.

So what makes it different from all other napkins? Here are the 5 components of the 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pad that make it stand out and worth switching to:

  • 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads are true anion sanitary napkins

At its core, it is an anion sanitary pad. Anion refers to negatively-charged ions. Over the years, numerous studies have posited that anions have health benefits. When infused with sanitary napkin products, anion can help in relieving menstrual discomfort, a solution for those who are suffering from dysmenorrhea. 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pad can also help in detoxifying as they can boost the removal of blood clots and unclean deposits.

  • 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads make use of magnetism

8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pad makes use of magnetism to help in improving blood circulation, allowing better transportation of oxygen and needed nutrients, while at the same time helping ease inflammation, which in turn helps relieve pain such as those experienced during menstruation.

  • 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads have Nano Silver

To help eliminate bacteria, odor, and itching, 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads have Nano Silver. At this age where bacterial resistance is becoming a grave concern, antibacterial agents that do not promote bacterial resistance such as Nano Silver are very safe options that help achieve the needed results.

  • 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads make the most out of Far Infrared Technology

Through Far Infrared Technology, 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads help promote deodorization, as well as disease prevention and metabolism, all without causing irritation to users.

  • 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads provide extra comfort through Graphene

Finally, to help users achieve the comfort they deserve. 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads make use of Graphene that helps guarantee super absorbency. As the most conductive material on the planet, Graphene promotes cooling for extra comfort.

Switch to 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads today!

Innovation has definitely taken 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads to the next level. It is not only a practical sanitary napkin but also provides all these additional benefits that can help women feel comfortable during those days that some consider the most dreadful part of every month.

With all the benefits that 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads have, women can treat red days as ordinary days because all the components mentioned above will help combat a horrible menstrual experience. Once you switch to 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads, you will feel the difference and you would wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner than you did.

So don’t wait any longer and switch to 8Cares Advanced Anion Sanitary Pads today!

The Bistro Group BFF Card

Hi Foodies! ’Tis the season again for gatherings and reunions – families, friends, and colleagues meet up over samgyupsal or coffee. Thus, you need to take advantage of the Bistro Group’s latest promo on their Bistro Frequent Foodie (BFF) card.

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A Journey to the World of Genshin Impact

Hi there, Lei here! While my good friend @theclassypoor is more on travel, food, and photography, I’m the tech and gaming guy in our circle. I try and play new pc and mobile games every now and then, but I’m currently active in Genshin Impact and Mobile Legends. I also do a bit of Valorant, World War Z, and Left 4 Dead.

Once in a while, with COVID out of the picture, I tag along on some of The Classy Poor’s eatsplorations.  But today, I’ve been invited to take you to Teyvat, the fictional world of Genshin Impact.

Two weeks ago, there was much buzz going around about Genshin Impact as the game has been updated to version 2.1. The game evolves into a new version every six weeks which leads to a major update and for version 2.1, it revolved around the continuation of the traveler’s journey in Inazuma, one of the nations in Teyvat – of which only 3 are currently explorable.

Inazuma was first introduced in Version 2.0 and the main story (also called the Archon Quest) ends with the battle between the Shogunate and the Resistance, where Sangonomiya Kokomi (leader of the Resistance) pushes the Shogunate into a retreat.

Version 2.1 takes us to Watatsumi Island, where Sangonomiya Kokomi resides. Fast forward from there, the story leads to a battle against the Electro Archon (archons being the 7 gods that established the 7 nations of Teyvat) named Raiden Shogun. New versions also introduce new character event banners where you can roll (called wish) for a chance to get featured characters, including a 5-star character who will be the face of that banner.

For the 1st banner of version 2.1, Genshin Impact featured no less than Raiden Shogun herself, which might actually account for a vast majority of the posts related to Genshin Impact that you may have come across since the teasers leading to the version launch last August 20. And yes, if you’re gonna ask me, I did roll for Raiden Shogun and got her within 20 wishes on day 1 of her release.

Raiden Shogun is an interesting character as not only is she the first exclusive 5-star electro character you can get from the game since its release but also because she has some unique skills and abilities that make her a great part of a player’s party. I’ve been able to take her to Level 90 already, but there’s still a lot of work to be done not only on Raiden Shogun, but the new team I formed for her.

The Classy Poor asks: So, why do you play Genshin Impact?

Before Genshin Impact, I played Valorant heavily. Valorant is a first-person shooting (FPS) game and is quite competitive. And admittedly, losing can get stressful at times. There’s also a lot of trash-talking that happens in the game and instead of taking away the stress you’re meaning to address by playing, it can even add to it.

The same is true for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games such as Mobile Legends. And well, with the situation that we’re in right now, we can only ever deal with enough additional stressors.

So when I came across Genshin Impact through another gamer friend, I watched teasers about it and thought it was nice. I’m really into role-playing games, and I spent tens of thousands of hours in games like Final Fantasy, Flyff, Angels Online, and Dragon Nest.

Going back to Genshin Impact, I’ve been playing since day 2. I found out about the game on the evening of day 1 of the global release on September 28, 2020, and after downloading overnight, I have been playing it every day.

The Classy Poor asks: What do you like about Genshin Impact?

With experience in various formats of RPGs, I’m now mostly inclined toward those that I can control my characters’ movements and attacks and not through point-and-click. This is why I fell so in love with Dragon Nest before. I appreciate the control that these types of games give as compared to point-and-click RPGs.

The graphics are also great. And at a high setting, you can really immerse yourself in the beauty of Teyvat. Not to mention that they also have good work with their soundtrack.

I also like how the story continues to evolve. And since we’re just on the third of seven nations, you’ll likely see me playing Genshin Impact for quite a long while.

It’s also worth mentioning that the game is playable across many different devices: PC, Android, and IOS devices, and PlayStation 4 and 5. And I’m not talking about a game that has many different versions, but a game where people across all these devices can play together. So it’s very inclusive.

The Classy Poor asks: Do you spend for Genshin Impact?

As much as I would like to say that I am a proud free-to-play (F2P) gamer, I have to say that I regularly spend a small amount on the game. I subscribe to the Blessing of the Welkin Moon which gives you 90 Primogems a day for 30 days plus 300 Genesis Crystals instantly. Both Primogems and Genesis Crystals are primarily used for wishing characters or weapons. I also get the battle pass every now and then. But that’s about it. I’m not on the level of whales who spend so much on games.

The thing is, one of the features of Genshin Impact is the gacha, or rolling for characters and weapons, and this is where a paying player has an advantage. With more wishes, you have more chances of getting great characters and weapons. But there are great non-5-star characters out there so F2P players aren’t really left behind. There are actually streamers who highlight being F2P and some even take it a step further by not wishing at all.

At the end of the day, it’s really about one’s spending appetite. But regardless, you’ll be able to enjoy Genshin Impact whether you spend or not.

The Classy Poor asks: Would you recommend Genshin Impact to your friends, and to our readers?

If you like exploring vast virtual worlds, solving puzzles, defeating monsters and bosses, and immersing in storylines, then yes, Genshin Impact is something I can recommend for you. I’ve been here since day 2 and I’m still enjoying it.

The Classy Poor asks: What’s next for Genshin Impact?

Aside from the events related to Genshin Impact’s 1st anniversary, players await the release of Sangonomiya Kokomi on September 21st. Kokomi will be the 2nd banner-exclusive 5-star character for version 2.1.

Details of Watatsumi Island’s Divine Priestess can be found here.

Meanwhile, at the end of the Inazuma Archon Quest, Omnipresence Over Mortals, Mihoyo also teases the next chapter of the Traveler’s adventure, mentioning the next region of Teyvat that will be made available for exploration. Since we hate spoilers, I won’t spill the tea on that. This new region, of course, won’t likely come out this year.

The Classy Poor asks: Any other message for our readers?

I think I’ve about said all I can about the game. The rest is something for you to experience yourself. Genshin Impact is a great adventure game and while I spend most of the time playing it alone, the game provides the opportunity to play with your friends (save for some events and quests that were made to be accomplished alone).

If you have questions or if you need help in the game, you may reach me through my page, IcarusPlays. And from there, maybe we can play together! 😊

See you in Teyvat, fellow travelers!

Author: Leo Amadeus Ruiz (Real Estate Manager/Writer)

A good friend, gamer, Chef wanna-be, and dog lover.

Where to buy Ready to Cook Dishes

I don’t usually cook but I can make pasta dishes, some easy to prepare comfort food and no-bake desserts. So since I do not have an eye for what’s meat is perfect, what spices to use and what meat cuts should be used for specific dishes, I sometimes rely on restaurants or shops that offer ready to cook dishes. Sharing three of my favorite shops:

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Don’t be Afraid

Don’t be afraid of starting over, of taking your time with someone new. Don’t be afraid of change. Of letting go of the people who keep doing you wrong. Those who keep on giving you stress and who keep on causing depression. Who bring more darkness than light. Who always doubt you. Who always have something bad to say. We don’t need that type of shit in our life.

☽ Glitter Tomb ☾

When truth finally hits you…

When we say that we know someone well, how much do we really know about that person? Knowing someone can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse at times.

Relationships that start without any foretelling signs or motives are always right. However, every person will eventually encounter a “defining” moment and these moments will make them reveal their true colors.

Updated: Online Grocery

Laziness, that is how I discovered Metromart online grocery delivery. Saturday noon, I am binge-watching my favorite Korean Drama, I suddenly craved for Cheese Bokki, the Korean fever has really gotten into me.  Though SM Aura is just 30 mins away from home, I am hesitant to go out, the reasons: too lazy to get up and change clothes, the usual traffic, the expense for GRAB fare, long lines at the Supermarket, have to carry heavy bags alone. Continue reading “Updated: Online Grocery”

Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria

When eating out, It’s more likely that I’ll be choosing warm, colorful and Tuscan inspired over other dead, cold and plain-looking restaurants. So here I am at Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria in Solenad, Nuvali.

Nonna is an Italian word for grandmother. Imagine your grandmother serving different dishes and stuffing you with big servings of pasta and pizza. Nonna’s is the hip version of Mama Lou’s. Mama Lou is more like an old school Italian restaurant but both serve gastronomic Italian food. Nonna’s have 3 branches: Nuvali, Ortigas, and Alabang.

Risotto balls stuffed with Sweet Ham and Mozzarella (P 160)

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Sa Wakas: A Pinoy Rock Musical

Sa Wakas is a musical about a bittersweet love story that starts at the very end: a breakup, that everyone can really relate to. It’s a homegrown musical based on the songs of one of the country’s most beloved rock bands: Sugarfree. Sugarfree was a pop-alternative group that was formed in 1999, disbanded in 2011 but the frontman, Ebe Dancel is now a solo artist. To know more about the show and the artists, visit their site here: Sa Wakas: Musical


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