Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria

When eating out, It’s more likely that I’ll be choosing warm, colorful and Tuscan inspired over other dead, cold and plain-looking restaurants. So here I am at Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria in Solenad, Nuvali.

Nonna is an Italian word for grandmother. Imagine your grandmother serving different dishes and stuffing you with big servings of pasta and pizza. Nonna’s is the hip version of Mama Lou’s. Mama Lou is more like an old school Italian restaurant but both serve gastronomic Italian food. Nonna’s have 3 branches: Nuvali, Ortigas, and Alabang.

Risotto balls stuffed with Sweet Ham and Mozzarella (P 160)

While waiting for the pizza and pasta, we had some risotto balls as an appetizer. Some said that Nonna’s Mushroom Chicharon is a must-try (but I didn’t). I will try next time Nonna.


See? I’m like a firefly, attracted to the lights
Truffle Cream Fettucine with Parmesan (P 285)

Their pasta is homemade and made fresh every day. You can feel the difference in taste compared to the usual pasta. Theirs is soft and had a unique taste that perfectly blends to their oil-based, white and red sauce. I am not a fan of red sauce so I always opt for pesto or white sauce.

Pepperoni with Mozzarella and Pomodoro Sauce (P 350)

Their pizzas are made using Italian doppio zero flour, go through a 24-hour rising process and cooked in their Valoriani brick oven. I am not feeling adventurous that time trying different pizzas so we ordered Pepperoni instead. But whatever pizza you order, you can drizzle it with Nonna’s homemade hot honey then sprinkle it with chili flakes. Also, try pairing pizza with wine, you’re in an Italian restaurant anyway.

See you again soon Nonna!

Zomato: Nonna’s Pasta and Pizzeria



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