Where to buy Ready to Cook Dishes

I don’t usually cook but I can make pasta dishes, some easy to prepare comfort food and no-bake desserts. So since I do not have an eye for what’s meat is perfect, what spices to use and what meat cuts should be used for specific dishes, I sometimes rely on restaurants or shops that offer ready to cook dishes. Sharing three of my favorite shops:

Mister Delicious

“Mister Delicious makes slow-cooked real foods accessible to busy people. Our foods are prepared the old-fashioned way. Slow cured and slow-smoked meats, slow-cooked ready-to-eat foods made from real market-fresh ingredients.

All our products are prepared in our FDA licensed facility, vacuum sealed and blast frozen to keep them at the peak of their quality and freshness. Just stock your freezer with quality food and your meals are solved. No traffic, no smell, no mess, no hassle. Just good quality food that’s ready to eat.”

You can choose from their Everyday Foods, Cured & Smoked Meats, Kitchen Essentials and New Specials. The Everyday food is for those who do not have spare time to chop onions and wait for hours to perfectly cook the meat. It’s perfect for someone like me, not that I’m too busy but I’m living alone so it saves me a lot of time, effort and money in buying the ingredients.

My favorite is their marinated beef tapa, why? order and try it for yourself lol. I also recommend the Bacon Pumpkin soup, Beef Caldereta and Buttermilk Marinated chicken.

HappyFoods Delivery

“Happyfoods Group of Restaurants is the team behind Sariwon Korean Barbecue, Soban K-Town Grill and Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ. 

Enjoy a limited menu of your favorite ready-to-cook Korean BBQ, kimchi and sauces at home, prepared from our central kitchen in Quezon City.”

No need to rant that you’re missing your favorite Korean restaurants, some of them are operational, can deliver and ready to satisfy your samgyeop cravings. I suggest that you read their Terms and Conditions before you order. All orders are scheduled for delivery or pick-up 2 days after they received and validated your payment. They have a minimum order of P 400 per order and every time you order, your delivery rider will get a free packed meal, cool right? #SpreadSaranghae

What I always order: Ssamjang, Kimchi, Honey Spice Samgyupsal and Sweet & Spicy Pork Bulgogi.


“All natural – Food that is nourishing and good for you. Quick and Easy – Effortless meals ready in no time. Better Tasting – Your family won’t know how easy it was for you to prepare the meals since its unbelievably good and homemade.”

I was browsing Instagram then this suddenly appeared in my suggested posts. I immediately check their menu, listed all the dishes that I want then slide a DM in less than 5 minutes. They’re probably busy these days so you have to be patient in waiting for the order confirmation. I ordered Gyudon, Italian Sausage pops and Cheesy Chicken meatloaf. The Italian Sausage pops is just perfect for my Tomato Ricotta pasta.

Can you recommend other shops, please? Leave your comments below. Thanks ❤

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