Cafe VoiLa

Tagaytay is always our go-to date place and I’m glad that there a lot of new places to visit there. Cafe Voila is an alternative to the usual meet-up places like Bag of Beans, Antonio’s or Buon Giorno.

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Back on Track

“I thought following a straight road would lead me right to my destination. Like the road would just take me there because I was following all the rules. And if the road curved, I couldn’t be sure about where I was going. But look where it got me. Maybe it’s time for a detour.”
― Susane Colasanti, Take Me There

When it rains, it pours, but i guess mine’s acid rain. I once hit the wall and lose all the confidence with a blink of an eye. Have been distracted for few weeks but now…I am back on track.

I’m back bitches! Time to read and blog again.

When i go out, i always wear skirt or shorts, not because I want to show off my legs but i want to enjoy it while I’m still young. I love to pair shorts and skirt with a t-shirt. No one can go wrong with a white, clean shirt. It gives me the feeling that “ Hey it’s weekend and you don’t need to wear tight and business-like top”

I’m so happy i got to borrow this book from my friend Ann, she calls me her “Liz Uy” because I helped her once or twice in deciding her outfits for some special days. This book is a must have for every girl. Glad that Liz Uy came up with this one and put all the important things a girl must know from white shirt to your little black dress.

STYLIZED: Liz Uy’S Ten Style Essentials

This book features everything that every girl must have in her closet. It costs 395 and available in all the bookstores nationwide. The 10 style essentials was modeled by her friends/celebrity clients like Anne Curtis (White Shirt), Marian Rivera (Blazer), Georgina Wilson (White Button-Down Shirt), Toni Gonzaga (Shorts), Julia Barretto (Jeans), Sarah Geronimo (Leggings), Isabelle Daza (Tank Top), Bianca Gonzales (Slacks), Bea Alonzo (Little Black Dress) and of course, Kris Aquino (Pencil Skirt).

So this is me, wearing the 1st fashion essential: White shirt. I pull it off by wearing blue shorts, chucks and necklace scarf. I love blue because it creates the illusion that i have lighter skin 😀

My bestest friends: Apple and Krizia.

Buy your own Liz Uy book now and let’s create new styles using the basics.

Till next time, ladies! *wink