The Blogger

Meet the blogger, an adventurous lady from Thomson Reuters, dancer, artsy and an MBA graduate.

She loves traveling and meeting new people. Shopping and eating help her cope up with stress. She loves reading Archie/Betty & Veronica comics, collects Hello Kitty stuff and anything fancy. She enjoys playing racing games, Tekken, NBA and word games.

Others find her as an interesting lady and she also uses her charm to get what she wants (LOL).

Some friends & colleagues describe her as:

  • David: someone who’s always late, sexy, smart but lacks confidence, resourceful, “you make the impossible happen through your wit and charm”
  • Ate V: demure, modest, “You’re a witty and sardonic blogger who never fails to amuse her legion of readers!”
  • John David: sexy, hot, delicious, spontaneous, enthusiastic
  • Arjay: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • UJ: reliable, model, hard to find
  • Renz: sweet, super “bait”
  • Krizia: She is affectionate, she is someone who is very loving and easy to be loved. She is ambitious, she always looks forward to getting on in life. Working very hard to achieve her goals and dreams. She is an extrovert person. The life and soul of every party. She is dependable and responsible. You can always count on her in work, life, and love. She is charismatic, beautiful and elegant. Good at attracting people and getting someone’s attention.
  • Karen: sweet person, kind, always wears a smile, fashionista and sexy
  • Mommy Ann: charming, thoughtful, friendly, voluptuous