Words of Wisdom from Toni G.

“If you just surrender and stop feeling this need of you have to control everything or even the people around you because, in reality, you don’t have any control over the people or your situation..that’s the beauty of living…instead of controlling, just let it be.

You will realize that you have no control over anything and what you can control only in reality is your mind and your heart. What you feel on the inside, will translate on the outside. You cannot change the environment you’re in but you can change the world that’s going in here (heart).

Stop, look, and listen. Stop controlling, stop analyzing, just stop and then look! Look what’s in front of you, just be aware and the most important thing is for you to listen. When you talk, you’re just repeating what you know, but when you listen, you learn something new.

I teared up while watching this, I love Toni G, she’s smart, funny, and full of wisdom, I can listen to her all day!

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