Fallen Stars

Who said that I can’t reach and hold a star?

My officemate Arjay, a travel blogger, he invited me & another officemate to join his Zambales trip. He said that we are going to stay in a tent for a night since there are no hotels in Magalawa island. I got so excited since I haven’t slept in a tent since high school but honestly, I expected worst especially with the toilets and all. This is the first trip that I won’t be staying in a hotel.


The three of us had to sleep in this..hahaha

We arrived at Victory Liner Pasay terminal around 5am, we were chance passengers but with Arjay’s wit and we were just so lucky, we got to ride the bus because some passengers didn’t come on time. We came from work so we were dead tired and sleepy. Valent and I are sleeping the entire 6-hour bus trip. We arrived at Iba, Zambales around 2pm, we had lunch and bought goodies to save us from starving in the island.


Looking for Magalawa tips and how to’s?


From the city, you need another 45 mins bus trip going to Palauig then be prepared for a bumpy tricycle ride going to the port. If you have your own car, you can leave your car there and someone will take care of it while you’re on the island, just don’t forget to carry all your valuables.

The road going to the port.

Island is perfect for spending time with friends.

  Valent & I with the famous Mang Mulo of Magalawa. 


It’s a refreshing trip, I had the chance to relax and bond with my officemates/friends. A simple life they have there, just the beach, waves, and starfish.

How to go to Magalawa Island,Palauig, Zambales from Manila (Bus)

 Before you go there, may I suggest that you plan ahead your tour and contact Mang Mulo of Ruiz Resort for your booking schedule. His number is 0929-4670505.

1. Take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales (Victory Liner bus) in Pasay, Cubao or Caloocan. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Iba so you can buy some goodies or have your lunch. The fare is P375 for aircon bus.

2. Ride another bus for 30 minutes going to Veritas road. P34 for the non-airconditioned bus.

3. Once at Pangolingan Crossing, ride a tricycle going to the port. Tell the driver that you will go to Ruiz Resort. The fare is Php100/head.From the port, a boat will take you to the island.


How to go to Magalawa Island in Palauig, Zambales from Manila (Car /Private Transport)

1. Take the NLEX to SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) then take the Subic Bay Freeport to the National Road. Drive to Iba, Zambales. Once you pass by the Iba Public Market, drive North towards Amungan Triangle (Palauig Junction1). Keep right towards Banlog Triangle (Palauig Junction)

 2. Head North to Barangay Pangolingan and turn left at the Pangolingan Crossing. It has a tricycle terminal and a signage, “This way to Magalawa Island”. Keep in touch with Mang Mulo 😀

3. From Pangolingan Crossing to Luan Port (and parking area), travel time is 15-20 minutes. Wait for the boat of Ruiz Resort to take you to the island.

To go back to Manila, just follow the route you took in going to Palauig.

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