Early Bird Breakfast Club

They say, “Early bird catches the worm”, the problem is, i am not an early bird but I do love breakfast food..hash brown, longganisa, fried rice and hot chocolate.. All my friends know that you must be really special if I entertain you in the morning. I will wake up early if really needed. My friend Krizia was so eager to try this breakfast place so we’ve planned to visit it last weekend. Well, why would i disagree, i can have my breakfast at 6pm. EARLY BIRD Breakfast Club is just around Fort Strip, an all-day breakfast restaurant with the simple vision of uplifting us all day with their tasty food.

They have nice walls, couches and table for two’s. Their sunny-side-up egg on a half shell tells me that they truly are serving best breakfast meals. They have second floor which is ideal for meetings or functions.

Just one sip and I’m falling for this Nutella Hot Chocolate. Yes Nutella! I can have 4 to 6 cups of this hottie all day 😀

Nutella Hot Chocolate (P 145)

I ordered one of their bestseller, four pieces of heirloom-recipe longganisa, garlic rice and your choice of egg, I had sunny side up of course 😀 Their longganisa is sweet, stuffed with pure meat and can really make my belly full.

Viva Longganisa (P 345)

Krizia ordered Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich, cheddar, mozzarella and gruyere between slices of toasted bread served with sweet and spicy onion relish but i hope the bread has additional aroma and taste, add some spices maybe.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P 345)

Our kind server suggested Full English Breakfast, he said that it is one of their best seller but it’s a bit pricey (400-ish) if you’re eating it alone. Eggs, toasted bread, bacon and sausage, meal is good for sharing though.

Choco Banana Berry French Toast (P 295)

What a good way to end the day with a sweet breakfast, we had choco banana berry french toast. Another nutella masterpiece, caramelized french toast with fresh bananas & blueberry jam.

P500 to P700 per head will do, enough to taste your favorite breakfast meals with a heavenly twist and taste, a bit pricey (i know) but it’s worth it.

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Unit C, Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg.,

The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Phone: +632 470-8847

Visit: www.earlybirdbreakfastclub.com ; FB: Early Bird Breakfast Club

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 7.00am to 10.00pm

Friday and Saturday: Open 24 Hours

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