Crooked but Colorful

Life is like a colorful zigzag line, sometimes crooked but it is where the fun starts. In some point of that zigzag road, we met people who are either meant to be in our life or we met them to make us realize how lucky we are for having things or someone that we have now. For all the people I’ve met, talked to and I’ve shown interest to but didn’t have the chance to know me well, still, thank you. Thank you for your time and the little joys that we’ve shared a bit.

If you are watching How I Met Your Mother, an American comedy/drama sitcom, probably you know Robin. Everyone has their own Robin, a person that you loved so much but you cannot be with. And whoever you met, whatever you do, it’s nothing compared with life with Robin.

Aztec top and skirt from Bread & Butter. Flats from Parisian.

Accessories from a local shop: TheWearHousePH.

As what my friend says, “We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason.”

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