Trattoria Poggio Antico

With a lot of restaurants to visit in Tuscany at Mckinley Hill, you can choose to have wine & cheese, cupcakes, burrito, ramen & sushi, pad thai and of course Filipino delicacies. You just have to know what you want to eat and what dining experience you want to feel.


While we’re choosing for a restaurant to chill out on a Friday, me and my friends walked up the hill and noticed that almost all the restaurants are full and way crazy. Out of curiosity, we walked in the last restaurant and check out the menu. I thought it was a super expensive restaurant because of the fine furnitures, winery and chandeliers that they have, i was wrong.



We decided to eat outside so we can feel the Friday vibe as well as get some fresh air. While waiting for our food, a pretty server brought us some bread/breadsticks with my favorite pesto dip (i’m so crazy with pesto). Not all restaurants give complimentary food so whenever i encounter such, i put them on top of my lists.



Feast your eyes on the pasta and pizza choices. Almost all of their food are good for sharing (2 to 3 persons) plus for the pizza, you can have 2 choices like what we did. We requested that the 1st half is seafood pizza, their bestseller, the other half is four cheese pizza.  


Pizza de Marre (whole: P485) & Quattro Formaggi (whole: P550)

We tried the pasta with prosciutto & button mushroom lying on a bed of truffle sauce..


Tagliatelle con Proscuitto e Tartufo (P420)


We had mojito (P260) and beer (P80 – 150) They’re also serving wines, their cheapest is P550 and P5000 for the expensive ones. We’re happy that we only spend less than 1500.

What i’d love the most is that the owner is very accommodating and he even offered us a bottle of wine.

Friends and lovers with the owner of the restaurant. 😛


Will definitely visit the restaurant again, but next time, i’ll try to sit in the couple’s lane 😀 Best for couples or for people who wants a private dining experience.

Starving like you,

The Classy Poor

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