10 Things to do when Raining

June means there are a lot of ringing bells and dripping clothes. Rainy season is here, forcing us to spend a lot more time inside and make weekends on the beach a long memory.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep you busy:

1. Play console games

Do this only when it is gloomy outside. Invite your friends or your siblings to stay at home & play racing or fighting games. I personally recommend my favorites, Need for Speed and Tekken. These are classic games and hell yeah, they will surely stuff you out of boredom. 


P.S.  For NFS gamers/fans,watch NFS movie “behind the scenes" here

2. Play Hide and Seek

Usually, when the rain is pouring hard, expect a power interruption after, then it’s a perfect time to play hide and seek. Just be careful not to trip over your mother’s precious jars around the house.


3. Play In The Rain

When I was a kid, I had to convinced my mom to let me play in the rain with my cousins for few hours. Remember not to soak under the rain for more than two hours especially when the rain is strong or you get some colds.


4. Watch Movies

Maybe you have a hard drive full of movies or you know someone that can provide you with(ahem.. me?) This will come handy when you are stuck inside on a rainy weekend noon. And of course, rainy days are perfect to watch some scary movies. A very cold, silent, and gloomy environment perfectly adds to the elements of a scary movie that you will be watching. I suggests . Plus i can share my Dropbox account if you want movies, just send me message. 


5. Take that beauty sleep 

Shower and put on some perfumed lotion, wear your favorite pajamas and drink hot milk so your sleeping habit will not be interrupted unless you have some really important things to do.


6. Time to do some Nail art

Get that Bobbie or China glaze nail polish or whatever brand it is, clean pusher/stick, mini plastic cup and an imaginative mind. Paint your nails with black or any dark color. Then mix 2 nail polish in a plastic cup and use the pusher or stick to design your nails. If you want aztec or animal print designs, check my Pinterest pins here.


7. Socialize

Even if it’s raining outside, you can still keep up with your high school classmates, college friends and families. Log on to your Facebook, Twitter, download and install LINE or Wechat on your smartphone. You’ll be surprised that after rainy days, you have a bigger circle of friends.


8. Pig out 

Go to the nearest supermarket or sari-sari store to buy lots of food and have food trip with your family or friends, rainy season is among the best time for friends or family bonding. It is also the best time to show off your cooking skills. 


9. Do Your Homework and Study

Now there would be few reasons for you to go out since it is raining. Take advantage of this time to do your homework, projects or even your strategy paper because your friends will not even dare to go out during this time of year.


10. Household Chores 

Instead of waiting for the rain to stop, why don’t you clean your room, tidy up your drawers, sweep the floor, wash dirty clothes and wash the dishes? By the time you finished all the chores you will be ready to hang out with your friends, and never again to worry about those unfinished tasks that you just left at home. 


        See, there are a lot that you can do during rainy season, what’s important is you make yourself productive and you take advantage of the rain days to have some fun. I believe you have something in your mind now, can you share it with me? 🙂

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