Fusilli Pasta White Sauce

It’s the middle of the week plus its a holiday in Manila. When i woke up past 11 am..1st thing that popped out of my mind, what can i do with all my money today? (ano gagawin ko sa pera ko? charot lang hahaha). I’ve been practicing to cook for a week now. Please don’t judge me 😀 My first try is spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese pimiento (sounds odd?), actually i’m amazed of how good it tastes. 

So i went to SM Makati to buy the things needed for my second cooking experiment. 


                      Me, doing selfie with the bread hahaha.


My favorite is penne pasta but i decided to try fusilli a long corkscrew pasta this time



                              8 minutes before pasta cooks

For the sauce, i melted Dari creme butter in a pan, then added flour. I noticed that it formed into crumbs. I should have mixed the flour in a different pan. I added fresh milk, but then i realized that i should have used Nestle cream & evaporated milk instead.


      Here it is!! Fusilli white sauce pasta served with pork floss bread.

While I was learning to cook, I was learning to work. I know that I wasn’t that disciplined. In fact, I’m super lazy: I saw cooking as a means to an end. I look at cooking as a burden and a tiring task. Most of the time, my parents cooked for me and I just appear to get food on the table.

Now, for me, cooking is like exercise or spending time in nature or good conversation: The more I do it, the more I like it, the better I get at it, and the more I recognize that its rewards are far greater than its efforts and that even its efforts are rewards. I begin to enjoy the process, especially the shopping. Even, sometimes, the cleanup.



The Classy Poor

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