Adobo Nights: Techno-Crazed

Adobo is one of the favorite dish that my parents used to cook for me. Adobo refers to marinated dishes either chicken, pork or beef meat marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and onions that enhances the flavor. But why use Adobo as a name of a magazine? Hmmm… Same with the adobo dish, Adobo magazine is an immersion of advertisements, news, good or bad, relevant case studies and stories featuring influential people and editorial insights about everything under the sun. 

Last Monday, Nov 26, Adobo magazine and Opus Industry Mondays returns with Techno-Crazed: Celebrating Digital Creativity theme held at Opus Lounge Resorts World Manila.


Adobo magazine is an advertising and brand communications magazine that offers extensive news and features from the Asian region and beyond. The theme of the party is in relation to the explosive growth of digital not only in Asia but in the whole world which makes us crazy with Technology.

Attending the event is a requirement for our Marketing class, i think we are entitled for plus points for coming into the event 😀 It is my first time at Opus and i’ve been to Velocity Bar at Marriott Hotel so i can’t help but compare. I like it better at Marriott Hotel.

That was the last adobo Night for the year so they also launched the magazine’s special year-ender issue, featuring AKQA Global Creative Director Rei Inamoto on the cover, as a major player at the forefront of the digital revolution.

What I loved the most is the “open bar”. They served rum coke, vodka sprite and Manila beer. I had fun chit-chatting with Myka, Patrick, Drew, Pau, Bede, Alexis and the rest of the Marketing class who attended the event.

Thanks to our Marketing professor, he has a lot of activities in store for us and a lot of connections which means more friends to meet, more places to conquer and more learnings to come.

I’m just wondering, how did they actually come up with the “Adobo” as a magazine name?

Adobo at Twitter.

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