Breaking Dawn, Epic Finale

For the 2nd time, thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and of course, Wacoal for Breaking Dawn Finale tickets at Resorts world. I was expecting sexy models and undergarment freebies but there’s none, instead they have free photo booth, Wacoal mags with discount coupon which excites me more. Plus, free popcorn and drinks awaits us in our seats. My friend/officemate, Krizia (

Photo Booth I’m also one of the 10 lucky winners who received SorciAge GC which entitles us for 1 set of SorciAge merchandise. I’m so lucky!

P.S. I’m not really a Breaking Dawn fan, but I must say, i was amazed with the story and stunned with Kristen Stewart’s beauty.

My blog entry for the contest: Nuffnang never fails to make bloggers happy and we are very thankful for that 🙂

See you at the Blogopolis event Nuffnangers/bloggers!



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