Yesterday, our plan was to go to Coffee Bean but since we are eager to eat at the newly opened German & Turkish restaurant that We’ve seen since last Friday in Tuscany, we walked under the heat of the scorching sun just to get there. Wursty Wursty offers authentic German cuisine and is just in front of the Mckinley Garden Villas. Classy but comfy furnitures and look, they used wooden barrels as tables.

They have Knights and German flags (of course) as decorations.  

The owner is so accomodating that he let us take a picture with him and he even offered us complimentary Schnapps and Salted Pretzels. We all tried Schnapps for the first time. Scnapps is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage with light fruit juice flavor. “Schnapps” is derived from the German Schnaps which can refer to any strong alcoholic drink, but particularly those containing at least 32% alcohol.

The food tastes good. Curry wurst (german sausage with fries), it tasted like sausage dipped in a spicy BBQ sauce with a curry aftertaste.

Curry wurst with bread (P 165), with fries (P 250), also try their Cheese Brat Wurst, cheesy-ness overload!

I love spicy food so i ordered Chili Con Carne (P 280)

Chicken Kebab (P 260), they also have beef tenderloin (P 395) and minced beef kebab (P 295).

I would love to eat and try all their mouth watering dishes, especially that the owner promised 2 rounds of Schnapps again for Free!!

Wursty wursty is now known in Mckinley Hill as one of the best Friday hang-out place because of their large food servings, variety of beers and all sort of feel-good alcoholic drinks.

Wursty Wurst Tuscany, Mckinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio Taguig

(near Venice Piazza and Mckinley Hill Garden Villas)

Like this page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wursty-Wursty/208467545863557

Photo credits to: Krizia Umali

Pig out!

The Classy Poor

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