Preserve Mankind with Kojie.san Men

How can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences? First, let me start off by saying that I am a girl and I’ m in no way in authority to judge if he’s man enough or just posing like a man. During our grandparent’s time, men rule the world. In a normal household, men always have the last word in every decision. Men work hard to provide and feed his family. In our modern world, a man is always associated to someone with a lean and well chiseled body. But aside from having a manly physical appearance, man should preserve their manliness through the following: – Treat women with respect, otherwise, you’re not a man!!! – Help others, especially those who are in need – Lead & follow. A real man knows how to get served and also serve other people. – Dependable, otherwise you’re just a boy – Proud of himself. Everyone has their own fault and mistakes, but a man of modern world should learn to accept flaws and be proud of himself. – Takes pride in how he looks and lives his life. He’s not ashamed by who he is, what he does or how he looks, even if he’s trying to change one of the aforementioned. – Be faithful. Period. – Fears God. SO are you “Man” enough? Like their facebook page for more information: (

This is my official entry for the Nuffang and Kojie San Men contest to win movie tickets for the exclusive screening of Taken 2 at Shangrila.

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